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Here's a list of iOS and Android apps to accompany your PS4 and Xbox One games
by Chris Priestman 11/11/2013
Product: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Companion
Manufacturer: Ubisoft
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Adventure
As we approach the PS4 and Xbox One launch days, it's time for us to take a look at which games will interact with our smartphones and tablets.

This list isn't entirely comprehensive, as games such as Forza 5, Lococycle, and Kinect Sports Rivals will support SmartGlass, but the details as to how are scarce.

There's also bound to be many more Xbox One and PS4 games with apps supporting them in the future, too.

Regardless, we consider this a full list for now, so prepare your peepers and scroll on down.

Battlefield 4 Commander App

Battlefield 4

Launching on November 19th for iOS and Android tablets, Commander app puts you in charge of a squad of soldiers playing Battlefield 4 on console and PC.

Looking from above, you're able to drop supplies, vehicles, employ UAV scans, and launch Tomahawk missiles against enemies.

Addtionally, the Battlelog App is already available for free on the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

ctOS Mobile for Watch Dogs

Hack into the city's infrastructure to disrupt players trying to achieve objectives in the multiplayer matches of Watch Dogs. Hack traffic lights to inspire car crashes, manoeuvre helicopters in the sky to spot, activate road blockades, and more. Will be available for iOS and Android.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Companion

This Companion App mainly acts as a second screen to the main game so that you can view menus without pausing the game.

You can access an interactive world map for quick navigation during sailing, give orders to captured ships, and view treasure maps, a progress tracker, feeds from the AC4 community, and an Animus Database.

Knack's Quest

Knack's Quest

A free match-3 puzzle game that lets you unlock some items that transfer over to Knack on your PS4.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Companion

This Companion App allows for easier management of clans in Ghosts. You can also customise your soldiers, select weapons, and change perks for your loadouts.

A second screen function also allows you to view in-game stats while playing matches online.


The MYGAME feature of this app allows for the viewing of career stats, online multiplayer records and, leaderboards.

The NBA Pick-Em mini-game also lets you earn daily VC rewards (in-game currency). MyTeam Mobile, an NBA 2K-themed card battle game, is also included.

Madden 25 CoachGlass

This SmartGlass app allows players to take the role of a defensive coordinator during a match.

The app display information regarding the best plays and the biggest threats in the opposing team. The player then partakes in play-calling and recommending formations according to the data they're supplied.

DC Universe Online Companion App

A central hub where you can access all the DC Universe Online forums and social media, and communicate with clan mates.

There's also a guide for items and equipment, and a means to see the stats and equipment of your character, as well as those of other players.

Dead Rising 3 Companion App

Dead Rising 3

A second screen SmartGlass app that lets you check the in-game news feeds, navigate the game world, and make / receive calls.

You can also use the app to call in air strikes and drop flares. A hint app and mission tracker is also provided, and you can also change the in-game phone's ringtone and wallpaper.

PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink

Already available on the App Store [download] and Google Play [download], the Mobile Uplink is a comprehensive guide to PlanetSide 2's vehicles, maps, weapons, and characters. Useful for when the game hits PS4 in early 2014.

Ryse: Son of Rome SmartGlass App

This app lets you set up campaigns and multiplayer games, as well as purchase DLC. You can also access video tutorials for every part of the Ryse, and access up-to-date community news.

The Division Companion App

Become a drone in the game's world accompanying other online players on PS4. From an advantageous aerial view, call in airstrikes, offer armor buffs and revives, and spot enemies for your team.

Just Dance 2014 SmartGlass App

Set-up and modify playlists of songs to dance to while playing. Autodance records dance sessions and edits together a music video to watch afterwards. You can also edit them yourself and apply effects.

PartyMaster is a game mode in which the person with SmartGlass can choose the next dance move for others to perform, and also switch songs mid-track as if a DJ.

Project Spark

Project Spark

This provides the same experience as Xbox One but with a touch screen. You're able to create games and share them with others, even on console.
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