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Ascension Online for Android gets the green light after Kickstarter success
by James Gilmour 1/3/2013
Product: Ascension Online
Developer: Stone Blade Entertainment
Format: Android
Genre: Card/ board game
Following the success of Stone Blade Entertainment's "super-fast" 10-day Kickstarter campaign, it looks like Ascension Online will be heading to Android after all.

Hoping to build on the success of its iOS deck-building game Ascension (and its three expansions), Stone Blade turned to fans to raise the necessary funds - $125,000, to be precise - to produce an Android and PC version of Ascension Online.

When the Kickstarter countdown hit zero yesterday, the Ascension Online pledge total had reached an impressive $184,563. This proved enough for the dev to green-light the game and create a free digital expansion to accompany its release.

This new Android-based incarnation of Ascension will enable you to compete in online tournaments, with both "casual pick-up events and larger scheduled tournaments" on the cards.

Of course, Ascension's single-player campaign mode will also make the transition to Android, with the team promising "a variety of challenges and diverse play modes".

We've also been promised that Ascension Online will be free-to-play, won't have any "energy restrictions", and won't contain any "hidden charges" (although some bonus content will be available via IAPs).

Backers (and the rest of us) can expect to see Ascension Online appear on Android this December.
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