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Aralon: Sword and Shadow finally completes its journey to Google Play
by James Gilmour 6/2/2013
Product: Aralon: Sword and Shadow
Developer: Galoobeth Games
Publisher: Crescent Moon Games
Format: Android
Genre: RPG
After years of exploring Apple's App Store - and Amazon's mobile marketplace - fantasy RPG epic Aralon: Sword and Shadow has finally appeared on Google Play.

Developed by Galoobeth and published by Crescent Moon Games, Aralon: Sword and Shadow is a mobile adventure with big ideas.

Rather than settle for a stripped-back RPG-lite experience, the Sword and Shadow designers took their lead from sprawling open-world adventures like The Elder Scrolls series, creating an enormous narrative-driven campaign for smartphones and tablets.

Sword and Shadow's spec list is similarly impressive: full day/night cycles, 30 hours of gameplay, fully customisable characters, and more items than you can shake a healing staff at.

Day turns to night

We have to admit, though, that we had our reservations about Aralon: Sword and Shadow when it originally strode onto iOS devices back in 2010.

While we respected the game's unashamed scale and ambition, we felt it was hamstrung by iffy controls and slightly stilted combat.

However, the game's been updated many times since then, and this Google Play version may turn out to be the definitive Aralon: Sword and Shadow experience.

If you fancy finding out, you can download Aralon: Sword and Shadow from Google Play for £3.17 / $4.99 right now.
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