Gamers are now reportedly spending more dough on smartphone and tablet games than on traditional handheld games
By Harry Slater 17 May 2013
Game Name: App Annie news | Manufacturer: App Annie | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, 3DS, PS Vita
According to the second edition of the ongoing quarterly AppAnnie & IDC Portable Gaming Report, the amount of money spent on gaming on iOS devices has overtaken the amount spent on traditional portable gaming systems for the very first time.

I know.

Revenue from gaming-related sales on Android is still just below revenue from dedicated handheld gaming sales, though that's likely to have changed in Android's favour by the time the next edition of App Annie's report is published.

From the above graph, you can clearly see the dramatic decline in sales for traditional handhelds quarter-on-quarter.

According to the writers of App Annie's report, some of that is due to "seasonality", with more new handheld titles going live at the end of the year than during the first quarter.

The App Store and Google Play Store aren't affected by seasonality, of course, for iOS and Android game developers produce a steady stream of games all year round.

So, do YOU find yourself spending more money on iOS and Android games nowadays than on 3DS and Vita titles? Or are you still a firm believer that portable gaming is all about the Vita and 3DS?

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