Randomness abounds with Kickstarted retro indie platformer Another Castle
By Matthew Diener 28 March 2013
Game Name: Another Castle | Publisher: Uncade | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Few games have the replay value of roguelike games, as their trademark randomized level layouts always leave you wondering what you'll face next.

The upcoming indie platformer Another Castle takes the randomization of roguelike games and mashes it up with the world of a classic, 8-bit platformer. The end result is an existential adventure of a character named Andy questing for items that he'll never find.

Why? Because, I'm sorry Andy - but that princess, magical sword, or really cool hat is in another castle.

Keep questing, my friend

Interestingly, that's the actual plot of Another Castle.

Andy takes to each randomly generated playthrough searching for something that he's designed and destined to not find: once you beat the game, the item eludes you by slipping off to another castle.

Happily for the completionists out there, this item doesn't slip Andy's grasp for long. After beating the game, the item is unlocked and can be found in a future playthrough.

Unfortunately, there's a bit of a wait ahead for Another Castle before it's ready for release. Its developer Uncade is wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign and estimates that the iOS and Android release of Another Castle should be sometime around June 2014.

If that's too long of a wait, you can always try a prototype of the game in your browser.

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