Angry Birds Star Wars: 3-star video walkthroughs for Hoth (Levels 3-21 to 3-40)
By Mark Brown 01 February 2013
Game Name: Angry Birds Star Wars | Developer: Rovio | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Puzzle | Networking: wireless (network),on one device
Welcome to our video walkthroughs for Angry Birds Star Wars. Watch the pros in action and mimic their movements, and you'll unlock those all-important stars in no time at all.

After escaping from the chilly ice planet Hoth, our avian heroes duck into Empire Strikes Back's infamous asteroid field.

Then, in the belly of the asteroid, you'll find mynock pigs. These bat-like monsters hang from the ceiling, and sometimes fly back and forth.

These vids should help you get three-star scores. Just remember: scores are calculated in Angry Birds based on the amount of carnage you cause and the number of birds you have leftover at the end.

Page 1 (Levels 3-1 to 3-20)
Page 2 (Levels 3-21 to 3-40)

Videos courtesy of AngryBirdsNest.

Hoth. Level 3-21:

Hoth. Level 3-22:

Hoth. Level 3-23:

Hoth. Level 3-24:

Hoth. Level 3-25:

Hoth. Level 3-26:

Hoth. Level 3-27:

Hoth. Level 3-28:

Hoth. Level 3-29:

Hoth. Level 3-30:

Hoth. Level 3-31:

Hoth. Level 3-32:

Hoth. Level 3-33:

Hoth. Level 3-34:

Hoth. Level 3-35:

Hoth. Level 3-36:

Hoth. Level 3-37:

Hoth. Level 3-38:

Hoth. Level 3-39:

Hoth. Level 3-40:

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