Angry Birds Star Wars: 3-star video walkthroughs for Hoth (Levels 3-1 to 3-20)
By Mark Brown 03 December 2012
Game Name: Angry Birds Star Wars | Developer: Rovio | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows 8 | Genre: Action, Puzzle | Networking: wireless (network),on one device
Welcome to our video walkthroughs for Angry Birds Star Wars. Watch the pros in action and mimic their movements, and you'll unlock those all-important stars in no time at all.

In the game's first update, Angry Birds Star Wars creator Rovio added the chilly ice planet Hoth. Here, you're introduced to AT-AT Walkers, which are hulking great robot monsters that spit lasers.

Luckily, they've got weak points in their legs which - when slashed or shot - cause these ungainly things to topple to the ground.

These vids should help you get three-star scores. Just remember: scores are calculated in Angry Birds based on the amount of carnage you cause and the number of birds you have leftover at the end.

Page 1 (Levels 3-1 to 3-20)
Page 2 (Levels 3-21 to 3-40)

Videos courtesy of AngryBirdsNest.

Hoth. Level 3-1:

Hoth. Level 3-2:

Hoth. Level 3-3:

Hoth. Level 3-4:

Hoth. Level 3-5:

Hoth. Level 3-6:

Hoth. Level 3-7:

Hoth. Level 3-8:

Hoth. Level 3-9:

Hoth. Level 3-10:

Hoth. Level 3-11:

Hoth. Level 3-12:

Hoth. Level 3-13:

Hoth. Level 3-14:

Hoth. Level 3-15:

Hoth. Level 3-16:

Hoth. Level 3-17:

Hoth. Level 3-18:

Hoth. Level 3-19:

Hoth. Level 3-20:

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