Rovio updates Angry Birds Star Wars II with a bunch of new levels set during the battle of Naboo
By Harry Slater 05 December 2013
Game Name: Angry Birds Star Wars II | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle

Rovio has just updated Angry Birds Star Wars II with 40 new levels and four secret levels.

These new levels are all set during the battle of Naboo. In them, you attack the capital city as the Pork Side, or defend the plains and attack some spaceships as the Bird Side.

As well as these new levels, there are three new playable characters available, namely Padmé, Captain Panaka, and Zam Wesell. Exciting stuff.

The Angry Birds Star Wars II update is live on the App Store and the Google Play Store right now. So, if you want to throw some Star Wars things at other Star Wars things but you don't want to damage your action figure collection, get it downloaded.
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