[Update] Cause some 'portal mayhem' in our Angry Birds competition and win some amazing prizes
By Peter Willington 28 May 2013
Game Name: Angry Birds Seasons  | Developer: Rovio | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Puzzle
After much anticipation, the Abra-Ca-Bacon update for Angry Birds Seasons is now live on the App Store and Google Play.

In this free update, Rovio adds a whole series of new levels that feature wormholes (or "portals", if you like).

Using these magical portals, you can zip your irritated avians from one end of a level to another instantly.

In partnership with Rovio, we're offering you the chance to win some frankly amazing Angry Birds Seasons prize bundles. You won't find these prizes anywhere else on the web. Honest.

How to enter

What do you need to do to win one of these bundles? Well, it couldn't be simpler, really.

To enter this competition, just write a line or two on why you think YOU deserve one of the Angry Birds prize bundles in the comments section below this article.

Oh, and post a screenshot of you playing one of the Abra-Ca-Bacon levels from the latest Angry Birds Seasons update. Easy.

We recommend you upload your supporting pic to imgur and post the Direct Link URL. You're free to use whatever service you like, though.

And if you can capture an awesomely epic or wickedly funny moment, all the better.

The folks responsible for the three best comments - our 'three stars' if you will - will each take home an Angry Birds prize bundle. These bundles comprise...
Good luck!

The winners

This competition is now over, folks. After a little help from Rovio, we've chosen the winners.

These, then, are our official - cough - three stars. Yep, I know.

Winner 1 = Tatertot02: "I love them so much, for my 10th birthday party, we made 40 Angry Birds blocks and used slingshots for live-action Angry Birds in real life!"

Winner 2 = Jet Goldbeast: "I think that I should win because I got my little brother and myself hooked on this game of destruction."

Winner 3 = @iamMighty76: "I deserve an Angry Birds bundle because there are real-life piggies that I need to beat with a real-life Angry Birds plush too!"

Congratulations to the three of you!

If you're one of our three lucky winners and you haven't received a congratulatory email from us yet, drop us an email at competitions [at] pocketgamer.co.uk so we can organise your prize.

Our thanks to everyone who entered, and to Rovio for the excellent prizes.

Competition rules
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