Angry Birds Go! has been updated with some frozen tracks and new challenges for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
By Harry Slater 07 May 2014
Game Name: Angry Birds Go! | Developer: Exient | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone | Genre: Arcade, Racing

There are some new cold-themed levels available for disappointing kart racer Angry Birds Go!

They appear to introduce some sort of snowmobile based transports for the birds and pigs to drive about.

The promotional picture released to coincide with these new levels also suggests a helicopter might be involved. Whether or not you have to 'get' to this 'chopper' remains to be seen.

The Sub-Zero pack also adds new daily events and weekly competitive tournaments to the avian themed racing game.

If any of that sounds like it might turn Angry Birds Go! into a slightly more enticing proposition for you, you can grab the updated game from the App Store [download], the Windows Phone Store [download] and the Google Play Store [download] for nowt.
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