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Gold Award-winning physics-platformer An Alien With a Magnet is now available for Android
by Harry Slater 19/11/2013
Product: An Alien With A Magnet
Publisher: Rejected Games
Format: Android
Genre: Adventure
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Gold Award-winning physics platform-puzzler An Alien With a Magnet has made the intergalactic leap from the App Store to the Google Play Store.

So, if you're a fan of science and like having fun on an Android phone, you should grab it right now for free.

At review, we said that "An Alien with a Magnet is one of those titles that revolve around an almost perfect idea - its apparent simplicity belies a staggering degree of depth and challenge."

The game is live on the Google Play Store right now. And we reckon it's well worth a download if you're after a clever, sharply put-together puzzling-platformer with a few tricks up its space sleeve.

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