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Kickstart this: Altergaze is a 3D-printed VR headset for Apple and Samsung smartphones
by Harry Slater 26/3/2014
Product: Altergaze
Manufacturer: Altergaze
Format: Android, iPhone

VR machines are all the rage nowadays. What's cooler than strapping a big helmet thing to your head and acting like you're in The Lawnmower Man, right?

Well, according to Altergaze, it's much cooler to stick a bunch of lenses in a 3D-printed frame, slot your smartphone into the back of it, and act like you've got a weird viewscope bolted onto your face.

The maker of this lumpy brightly coloured plastic thing is currently searching for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and is doing surprisingly well.

If you built it...

You build the 'headset' yourself, screwing in a series of lenses that essentially magnify the screen on your smartphone. You can see more in the pitch video above.

The device offers a 110-degree field of view, if you use a rubber eye piece-thing to clamp it closer to your face.

It all looks a bit Blue Peter, sure, but Altergaze has already raised half of its funding target with more than a month left to run in the campaign.

So, what the hell do I know?

If you fancy throwing some cash at the Altergaze, you can wander over to its Kickstarter page by clicking right here.
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