Alpha Colony Kickstarter campaign falls short by $28
By Anthony Usher 03 December 2012
Game Name: Alpha Colony - A Tribute To M.U.L.E. | Developer: DreamQuest Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Card/ board game, Simulation, Strategy
Early last month, DreamQuest Games asked the Kickstarter community to stump up $50,000 to fund a exploration, building, and trading game called Alpha Colony.

The developer's crowdfunding campaign has just drawn to a close, and it's not good news.

Despite getting very close to its Kickstarter target, the team behind Alpha Colony has ultimately failed in its bid to raise the necessary funds.

So, how much more did the developer need? $10,000? $1,000? $100? None of the above. DreamQuest Games needed just $28 to Kickstart the development of its game.

Yep, a measly $28. Talk about a kick in the teeth.

Due to Kickstarter's rules, DreamQuest Games won't be getting its mitts on ANY of the $49,972 that was pledged by eager backers.

Among the Kickstarter Terms & Conditions, it is stated that no money can exchange hands unless a company's initial goal is met.

Still, this may not be the end for Alpha Colony.

"Perhaps we will try again at some future point once I have attended to my personal and team's immediate financial needs," a post on the developer's Facebook page reads.

"I have been trying to build this game for almost 14 years so I doubt this is the end for Alpha Colony."

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