Spines are extracted in new trailer for Alien vs Predator: Evolution
By James Gilmour 30 January 2013
Game Name: Alien vs Predator: Evolution | Developer: Angry Mob Games | Publisher: Fox Mobile Entertainment | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Fighting, Film/ TV tie- in
Fox Digital and Angry Mob Games have just released some new screenshots for their upcoming xenomorph grudge match Alien vs Predator: Evolution.

We last clapped eyes on this sci-fi crossover brawler during Gamescom last year, when our editor-in-chief, Kristan, went hands-on with the Unity-powered action-adventure romp.

Despite rumours of a November '12 release date, AvP: Evolution failed to register on our scanners for the remainder of the year, with the game apparently taking its bloody third-person combat mechanics and skulking off into the shadows.

However, we are pleased to report that the latest blip on our motion sensors turned out to be Fox Digital and Angry Mob flinging a fresh batch of AvP: Evolution screenshots - and an all-new trailer - at our eager eyeballs.

As we noted last year, the game's visuals remain faithful to the source material, with Angry Mob delivering an authentically oppressive atmosphere straight to your iOS and Android devices.

Furthermore, the new trailer for AvP: Evolution (posted below) contains some suitably gruesome deaths, including the Predator's signature spine rip.

Best of all, though, it looks like the wait for AvP: Evolution is nearly over. At the end of the trailer, the game is described as "coming soon to iOS and Android."

Check out the gallery (above) for all the latest AvP: Evolution screenshots.

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