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[Update] Advent 2012 deals round-up: The Adventures of Tintin, Venture Towns, Shardlands, and more
by Anthony Usher 21/12/2012
Product: Advent offers 2012
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
It's almost Christmas. As usual, this means that iPhone, iPad, and Android developers are feverishly slashing the prices of their best and most sought-after apps and games.

Why do they do it? We're not quite sure. We wouldn't be surprised to discover it has something to do with brandy-laced eggnog, though.

Anyway, there are several different advent calender-style schemes to keep your eye on this year.

Tuck in

Ubisoft, for example, will be offering exclusive discounts on its catalogue of titles every day this month.

You can also grab apps like Advent 2012: 25 Christmas Apps [download], which will point you in the direction of plenty of freebies throughout this mince pie-filled month.

Alternatively, you can bookmark this article. Each day, we'll sift through the latest and greatest deals and freebies and highlight the ones that are worth checking out.

We're starting five days late, and you've already missed four chocolates, so let's get cracking...

December 21st

iPhone and iPadAndroid
December 20th

iPhone and iPadAndroid
December 19th

iPhone and iPad
December 18th

iPhone and iPad
December 17th

iPhone and iPad
December 14th

iPhone and iPad
December 11th

iPhone and iPad
December 10th

iPhone and iPad
December 7th

iPhone and iPad
December 6th

iPhone and iPad
December 5th

iPhone and iPad
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