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Here are 10000000 reasons to buy an Android phone
by Jon Mundy 14/3/2013
Product: 10000000
Publisher: EightyEightGames
Format: Android
Genre: Puzzle, RPG
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No, this isn't some bizarre attempt to write the longest feature ever for Comic Relief.

It is, in fact, just a brief note to say that much-loved iOS puzzle-RPG hybrid 10000000 has landed on Android.

Launched a little under a year ago on iPhone and iPad (when it was reviewed by yours truly), 10000000 came out at a time when developers were intent on squishing RPG and puzzle elements together like peanut butter and jam.

(Or salt and caramel, if you want a slightly hipper foodie reference.)

The puzzle is mightier than the sword

Here's how it goes down in 10000000...

Your little pixel-art adventurer runs across the top of the screen, getting into scraps with mythical fiends.

You get to dictate the outcome of those battles. Not by pounding some iffy virtual controls, mind, but by matching symbols in the puzzle grid below.

Align three or more swords, and you'll whack a skeleton around the head, for example. Three keys will allow you to unlock the next chest you encounter, and so on.

King of the castles

There's also a light resource-gathering element that allows you to restore your little castle to full working order, which, in turn, enables you to unlock upgrades to your attacking and defensive capabilities.

10000000 is a pretty potent cocktail of popular gaming elements, and it's available now on the Google Play Store for a not-unreasonable £1.59 [buy].

Like Puzzle Quest 2? Then, give 10000000 a whirl.
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