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For: 3DS

Es ist gut

Product: Wakedas | Publisher: CIRCLE Entertainment | Format: 3DS | Genre: Casual | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Wakedas 3DS, thumbnail 1
I'm a massive fan of games that don't spend the first 20 minutes explaining the rules through awful, drawn-out tutorials.

Wakedas doesn't even bother telling you what you're meant to be doing. It throws you straight into the first puzzle, and for the first few minutes you'll flail around a bit, unsure of what all these sliding blocks mean.

But once you've worked out the winning conditions, Wakedas is a fun, casual colour-matcher-upper that's perfect for a long commute or three.

Wakey wakey

Wakedas provides you with a grid of coloured shapes and asks you to slide the rows and columns around to match up the different colours.

The idea is to separate each of the colours available, so that all of the red blocks are touching each other, each of the yellows are touching, etc. If there's a straggler, you haven't won yet.

It's a hugely simple concept, but it works in a very calming sort of way. There's no lose condition or reason to rush, so you're left to simply to your own devices, swiping blocks around to discover a solution.

There are absolutely tons of puzzles to blast your way through too, and the inclusion of different shaped blocks means that there's a fair amount of variety to the puzzles.

You could easily sit on the bus each morning and absent-mindedly pick your way through Wakedas, such is the casual-style challenge that it provides.

Wake up!

Wakedas isn't going to excite you, mind, since it stretches its simplicity a little too far.

The game never really gets difficult, even when different-sized grids are introduced. The difficult curve is pretty broken too, in that the game mixes very easy levels right in the middle of clusters of more difficult ones.

After a while, it also starts to feel quite samey. There are numerous elements that attempt to mix the action up, but at the end of the day you're always sliding coloured blocks in similar grids.

Still, your enjoyment of Wakedas all depends on how you go into the experience. If you're looking for a deep and rewarding experience, go elsewhere. But if you're looking for a casual game to pick-up and play without having to focus too much on what's happening, then you'll be onto a winner with this one.
Reviewer photo
Mike Rose | 28 August 2013
Wakedas will give more casual players plenty of hours to swipe their way through
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Apr 2013
Post count:
Sixela | 15:58 - 2 September 2013
This game is known as Shift It on android, which is free (they even reused the description that used to be on Google Store).

IMHO it's a good game, with a good core mechanic, but that quickly tends to be boring because of its lack of interesting side mechanics.