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Thor: God of Thunder

For: 3DS
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Product: Thor: God of Thunder | Publisher: Sega | Format: 3DS | Genre: Action, Fighting | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Thor: God of Thunder 3DS, thumbnail 1
Here we go. Another Marvel comic book character turned into a successful box office movie, and another video game conversion as part of the multi-pronged effort to hawk as much merchandise as possible before the buzz fades.

But perhaps we're being too harsh - after all, the main character in the Thor comic books wasn't plucked completely from the mind of a panel-drawing fantasy writer. He goes all the way back to Norse mythology.

The thunder-slamming, hammer-swinging god definitely knows how to make his enemies dance, and this 3DS release to coincide with the movie release is high on combat and OTT moves that make Thor an unstoppable being.

But while the game is all rather exciting to begin with, it quickly becomes apparent that Thor is a little too powerful, leading to a button-mashing fest that never feels varied or challenging enough.


Thor: God of Thunder gets off to a great start, with some great fighting action and combos to pull off.

You guide the hammer-wielding hero through a variety of icy environments, taking down enemies with your hammer by smashing them in the face, knocking them into the air, pounding the ground, and delivering electricity bolts by the dozen.

Every now and again you'll need to successfully complete quick time event-style motions to open doors, open up pathways, and put huge bosses down for good.

There are tons of different moves to try out, with lots of variation in Thor's abilities. The buttons do most of the work, but you can also access specific touchscreen abilities once you've built up enough energy, or your combo meter is full enough.

If you're a fan of God of War-style massacres, Thor: God of Thunder may well be right up your street.

Thor out of ten?

Unfortunately, the game never manages to reach the epic heights of other blood-splattered fighters of the same genre.

Enemies go down easily no matter what abilities you use, so you don't need to think about fighting tactics. It all quickly devolves into a bit of a button-basher, with the majority of combos ignored.

The repetitive environments and enemy types don't help either. There are some nice voiceovers, the story isn't terrible, and the 3D effects are nice, but for the most part the game lacks personality.

Thor: God of Thunder is an above average button-basher that won't go knocking your socks off. However, as a movie tie-in game, it could be a whole lot worse. Consider checking it out when the price drops.
Thor: God of Thunder
Reviewer photo
Mike Rose | 12 October 2011
As movie game tie-ins go, Thor: God of Thunder is definitely one of the better ones, but that doesn't stop it growing stale and repetitive rather quickly
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