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The Cube
Hip to be square? No
by Peter Willington 30/11/2012
Product: The Cube
Publisher: All3Media
Format: 3DS
Genre: Film/ TV tie- in, Puzzle
Players: 1
Version: Europe
If you think about it, hit TV program The Cube makes for a potentially great video game tie-in.

There are sci-fi visual stylings aplenty, a domineering presenter introducing the challenges, and it's neatly compartmentalised into discrete physical activities. 

Unfortunately, the transition from the small screen to the even smaller screen has been so poorly handled by the developer that the result is a confusing and irritating collection of underdeveloped mini-games.

It has the look, but playing The Cube on 3DS lacks all the tension and genuine skill that makes the show itself so watchable. ...
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Extremely short if you can get the hang of the infuriating mini-games, The Cube is a cynically produced tie-in of a ropey-looking British TV show
Audio/visual: 6
Gameplay: 2
Value: 2
Innovation: 2
Overall: 3
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