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Super Smash Bros for 3DS tips - How to finish every challenge

And what you get for completing them
Product: Super Smash Bros for 3DS | Publisher: Nintendo | Format: 3DS | Genre: Fighting
Super Smash Bros for 3DS 3DS, thumbnail 1
With so many modes, characters, and rules, it can be hard to know what to do in Super Smash Bros. But that's where the challenges come in.

This wall of achievements gives you tasks to do, and then showers you with rewards for finishing them.

But you can only see the challenges you've done and those nearby. With that in mind, this guide will tell you what to do for each challenge and what you'll get for completing it.

Look out for the ones that ask you to play with a certain character or stage -those have to be done in Smash mode to count.

If you have a particularly good strategy for a goal, share it in the comments!

Page 1
Collect 30 or more types of trophies.Toad (Trophy)
Came first in 1 or more Smash Run final battles.Lv. 1 Horizon Beam (Equipment)
Clear All-Star on Easy.Epona (Trophy)
Create 1 or more Mii Fighters in Custom.American Football Helmet (Mii Headgear)
Battle 3 or more times on the Rainbow Road stage.Peach + Royal Ribbon (Trophy)
Use a Final Smash while playing as Kirby.Dream Land (Stage)
Hit 300m or more in the Home-Run Contest.Bonkers (Trophy)
Get a max combo of 10 or more in Training.Over-Pumped Football (Wii Fit Trainer Special)
Unlock the hidden character Ness.Magicant (Stage)
Collect 5 types of custom headgear.Lv. 1 Strong Head (Equipment)
Play Target Blast for the first time.Xerneas (Pokemon)
Play Rival Smash for the first time.Super Mushroom Hat (Mii Headgear)
Play StreetSmash for the first time.Lightning Falcon Kick (Captain Falcon Special)
Battle 2 or more times on the Tortimer Island Stage.Lift-off Lloid (Villager Special)
Collect 10 types of Smash Run Powers.Lv. 2 Reflector (Equipment)
Play Trophy Rush for the first time.Timmy & Tommy (Trophy)
Use a Final Smash while playing as Pac-Man.Pac-Maze (Stage)
Play the Home-Run Contest for the first time.Home-Run Bat (Trophy)
Battle 3 or more times on the Reset Bomb Forest stage.Cragalanche (Trophy)
Win 3 battles with Captain Falcon.Mute City (Stage)
Unlock the hidden character Dark Pit.Dark Pit Staff (Trophy)
Clear Classic with the intensity set to at least 3.0.Master Hand (Music)
Unlock the hidden character Wario.WarioWare, Inc. (Stage)
Play 100-Man Smash for the first time.Victini (Pokemon)
Use Villager 3 or more times.Balloon Fight (Stage)
Play Endless Smash for the first time.Genesect (Pokemon)
Clear 10-Man Smash.Zoroark (Pokemon)
Get at least 20 KOs in 3-Minute Smash.Karate Joe (Trophy)
Destroy 300 blocks in Trophy Rush.Giant Bomb (Link Special)
Win 3 battles with Luigi.Luigi's Cap (Mii Headgear)
Win 2 battles with Ness.Mr. Saturn (Trophy)
Play Cruel Smash for the first time.Spiny Hat (Mii Headgear)
Collect 3 types of custom outfits.Lv. 1 Strong Body (Equipment)
Win 2 battles with Zelda.Princess Zelda Wig (Mii Headgear)
Score 1000000 or more in Target BlastBlast Box (Trophy)
Page 2

Come first in Smash Run final battles with 5 different characters.Lv. 2 Spinning Blades (Equipment)
Get a max combo of 40 or more in Training.Beam Sword Agility Badge (Equipment)
Unlock all playable characters.Menu 2 Melee (Music)
Customise 3 different characters in Custom.Sprinter Agility Badge (Equipment)
Destroy 1000 blocks in Trophy Rush.Close Combat (Ike Special)
Get 100 KOs.Hyper Smash Brawn Badge (Equipment)
Collect 150 or more types of trophies.Redd (Trophy)
Have a total of over 2,000,000 between all fighters in Target Blast.King Bob-omb (Trophy)
Get a total of 5 hits in StreetSmash.Lv. 2 Shine Spark (Equipment)
KO Heal Protection Badge.KO Heal Protection Badge (Equipment)
Battle 3 or more times on the Living Room stage.Golden Retriever (Trophy)
Get 10 or more KOs by knocking foes into other foes in StreetSmash.Mugly (Trophy)
Collect 25 types of Smash Run Powers.Lv. 2 Instant Drop (Equipment)
Clear 100-Man Smash.Auto-Healer Brawn Badge (Equipment)
Reveal 99 percent of the wall during the credits.Credits (Music)
Clear Classic with 5 characters.Master Hand (Trophy)
Battle 3 or more times on the StreetPass Quest stage.Dark Emperor (Trophy)
Win 5 battles with Meta Knight.High-Speed Drill (Meta Knight Special)
Unlock the hidden character Mr. Game & Watch.Flat Zone 2 (Stage)
Defeat Master Core.Master Core (Music)
Get 20 or more KOs by countering in StreetSmash.First Striker Agility Badge (Equipment)
Hit 600m or more in the Home-Run Contest.Home-Run Bat Agility Badge (Equipment)
Get 30 or more KOs in one match in Endless Smash.Fire Stingray (Trophy)
Play Smash Run 5 times.Lv. 2 Horizon Beam (Equipment)
Unlock every stage.Tortimer Island (Stage)
Play for 10 collective hours. (Total gameplay x participants)Knuckle Joe (Trophy)
Win 10 battles with Samus.Samus's Helmet (Mii Headgear)
Collect 15 types of custom special moves.Smash Ball Attractor Agility Badge (Equipment)
Collect 5 types of custom outfits.Spartan Helmet (Mii Headgear)
Get 300 KOs.Critical-Hitter Brawn Badge (Equipment)
Play the Home-Run Contest with 15 or more characters.Quick Swing Battle Brawn Badge (Equipment)
Create 8 or more Mii Fighters in Custom.Top Hat (Mii Headgear)
Collect 10 types of Custom headgear.Plate Armour (Mii Outfit)
Clear All-Star on Normal.Medusa (Trophy)
Have the game on for more than 8 hours.Meloetta (Pokemon)
Page 3
Clear Classic with the intesity set to at least 9.0.Ketzal's Corridors (Trophy)
Hit 1,000m or more in the Home-Run Contest.Lv. 3 Leader (Equipment)
Come first in 20 or more Smash Run final battles.Lv. 3 Dual Cyclone (Equipment)
Customise 10 different characters in Custom.Air Defender Protection Badge (Equipment)
Get a high score of 50 or more in Rival Smash.Lv. 3 Health Recovery (Equipment)
Get at least 110 KOs in 3-Minute Smash.Crouch Heal Protection Badge (Equipment)
Collect all custom special moves, headgear and outfits.Miki (Trophy)
Destroy 3000 blocks in Trophy Rush.Exploding Popgun (Diddy Kong Special)
Clear Classic with all characters.Crazy Hand (Trophy)
Complete 100-Man Smash in 3 minutes or less.Easy Combo (Marth Special)
Have a combined walking distance of over 50km across all characters.Walking Speed Brawn Badge (Equipment)
Clear 10-Man Smash within 20 seconds.Quick Smasher Protection Badge (Equipment)
Have a max combo of 400 or more combined across all characters in Training.Jump Strength Agility Badge (Equipment)
Complete All-Star with all characters.Crown (Mii Headgear)
Destroy all red targets in Target Blast.Steampunk Clothes (Mii Outfit)
Reach a total of 15,000m in the Home-Run Contest between all fighters' high scores.Sandbag (Trophy)
Collect 500 or more trophies.Luigi with Poltergust (Trophy)
Clear Solo 10-Man Smash with all characters.Kat & Ana (Trophy)
Score 200,000 or more in Target Blast.Explosive Punch (Mario Special)
Clear Solo 100-Man Smash with all characters.Shadow (Trophy)
Play for 50 collective hours. (Total gameplay x participants)Colour TV-Game 15 (Trophy)
Come first in Smash Run final battles with all characters.Lv. 3 Shuffle (Equipment)
Have a combined jumping distance of over 10km across all characters.Lv. 3 High Jump (Equipment)
Play Target Blast with all characters.Dark Train (Trophy)
Get 20 or more KOs by knocking foes into other foes in StreetSmash.Green Koopa Troopa (Trophy)
Get a max combo of 100 or more in Training.Protector Suit (Mii Outfit)
Have the game on for more than 20 hours.Princess's Crown (Mii Headgear)
Get 4 or more KOs in one match in Cruel Smash.Lion Mask (Mii Headgear)
Clear All-Star on Hard.Nintendoji (Trophy)
Get 1,000 KOs.Launch Skill Brawn Badge (Equipment)
Get 2 or more KOs in one match in Cruel Smash.Prefect Shield Blast Protection Badge (Equipment)
Get 200 or more KOs in one match in Endless Smash.Lv. 3 Launch Ring (Equipment)
Collect all Smash Run Powers.Prince Hat (Mii Headgear)
Clear All-Star with 15 characters.All-Star Mode Rest Area (Music)
Collect 600 or more trophies.Jii (Trophy)

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Mark Brown 8 October 2014
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