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Super Smash Bros for 3DS tips - how to unlock every hidden stage

Spoiler alert!
Product: Super Smash Bros for 3DS | Publisher: Nintendo | Format: 3DS | Genre: Fighting
Super Smash Bros for 3DS 3DS, thumbnail 1
The stages in Super Smash Bros are not like those in your typical fighting game.

Switch location in Street Fighter and you get different music and some different people cheering you on in the background. But change battlefield in Smash Bros and everything's different.

There are levels that move, levels that morph, levels that spin, and levels that fall. There are chaotic elements, falling blocks, traps, hazards, and character cameos.

So you'll definitely want to unlock the full fleet of stages. And you can learn how to do just that in this guide.

Magicant - EarthBound series


This dreamlike stage is borrowed from Famicom RPG Mother, but also features elements from sequel EarthBound, like Dungeon Man and the Sky Runner. There's also a rift that shows video clips from the two cult classic games.

The level also features the Flying Men from EarthBound. These appear at the house in the top right and start to battle on your behalf if you touch one. There are only five in total and no more will appear if they are all killed.

You can unlock Magicant by unlocking Ness (by playing 10 matches in Smash Mode, or beating classic mode twice on any intensity).

WarioWare - WarioWare series


This stage is based off GBA micrograme collection WarioWare. In tribute to that game, the stage will sometimes morph into a quick fire mini game where you might have to dodge arrows, pop balloons, perform your taunt, or stand still.

If you successfully finish the minigame you are given bonuses such as giant mode or invincibility.

You can unlock WarioWare by unlocking Wario (by playing 30 matches in Smash Mode or clearing 100-Man Smash).

Pac-Maze - Pac-Man series

Pac Maze

This simple 2D stage resembles a Pac-Man maze from the original arcade game. Ghosts will wander about to get in your way and do damage. And if you collect 100 pellets you'll be able to grab a power pellet which boosts your damage.

You can unlock Pac-Maze by performing Pac-Man's final smash (spawn a smash ball in training mode if you want to speed things up).

Balloon Fight - Balloon Fight series

Balloon Fight

This NES-inspired stage has a few oddities. There's a giant fish in the water that will try to munch you, the red bumpers will ping you about, and if you walk off one side of the map you'll appear on the other.

You can unlock Balloon Fight by using the Animal Crossing Villager three times.

Dream Land - Kirby series

Dream Land

This fab stage is set inside a Game Boy. And if you play it in Smash Mode you'll see the Nintendo logo appear at the start. Ah, memories. It's a scrolling stage, with obstacles and enemies based on the first Kirby game.

You can unlock Dream Land by using Kirby's final smash. Just take Kirby into training mode and spawn a smash ball.

Mute City - F-Zero series

Mute City

That music. Everything is better with that music. Want to make tax returns fun? Chuck on Mute City. This battle takes place during a frantic race, so touching the road will do tremendous damage to your fighter.

Plus, look out for the word 'Check' above one of the vehicles. That means it's about to dart off screen, so you should probably jump off.

You can unlock Mute City by winning three Smash Mode battles with Captain Falcon.

Flat Zone 2 - Game & Watch series

Flat Zone 2

This battlefield is inside an LCD Game & Watch handheld, and the obstacles and platforms change during the match. You'll see elements from games like Fire, Oil Panic, and Chef. They had some great names back then.

You can unlock Flat Zone 2 by unlocking Mr. Game & Watch (by playing 90 matches in Smash Mode, or beating Classic Mode with ten different fighters on any intensity).

You will need to clear the first page of challenges before the stage unlocks, though.

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Mark Brown 3 October 2014
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