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Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mario Tennis will be hitting the 3DS eShop over the festive period
by Harry Slater 23/12/2013
Product: Super Mario Bros. 3
Publisher: Nintendo
Format: 3DS
There are not one, not three, not 12, but two Mario games heading to the 3DS eShop over the festive period.

First up, there's Super Mario Bros. 3. It's a platformer, apparently, starring Mario and Luigi? Is that right?

A thing called a Bowser causes trouble in the Mushroom World, and these super-brothers have to stop it. Furthermore, you can be a Raccoon Mario or a Tanooki Mario.

I doubt that's going to catch on. Anyway, Super Mario Bros. 3 will set you back £2.79 from December 26th. From January 2nd, it'll cost you £3.59.

Mario Mario?

Then, there's Mario Tennis. Which is a slightly bonkers mixture of everyone's third favourite racquet sport and an RPG.

So, lead a rookie to the top of the league, hit some balls, and have a blast.

Those Mario characters are in it, too. Nintendo looks like it's putting a lot of stock in them. I doubt they'll be as famous as Sonic, though. Or that Bob Hoskins will play one of them in a Hollywood movie.

Mario Tennis will set you back £4.49 when it goes live on the eShop on January 2nd.

Disclaimer: I know who Mario is, really. He's in Assassins Creed II, yeah?
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