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Super Black Bass 3D
by Peter Willington 2/4/2013
Product: Super Black Bass 3D
Developer: Starfish
Publisher: Rising Star
Format: 3DS
Genre: Action, Casual, Simulation
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Super Black Bass 3D is not a game I have enjoyed.

It requires massive amounts of patience to make it through any portions of the game, it rarely telegraphs what you're doing wrong, it's a technical disaster, and there's a minimal sense of reward.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, and you really enjoy fishing in real life, then I still wouldn't recommend it, as there are better games to occupy your time.

A sinking feeling

The whole idea of the game is that you're a fisherman, and you want to catch a whole load of fish. You'll enter tournaments to do so, and there's a freeplay mode where you can visit any body of water you've previously unlocked and cast your line to your heart's content under whatever conditions you like. ...
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Shallow, boring, ugly, and confusing to play, Super Black Bass 3D is a stinker
Audio/visual: 3
Gameplay: 3
Value: 3
Innovation: 2
Overall: 3
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