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SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition
Speed... but speedier
by Mike Rose 18/6/2013
Product: SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition
Publisher: Gamelion
Format: 3DS
Genre: Arcade, Racing
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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There's something about moving insanely quickly and yet being in a state of complete real-life safety and comfort that is hugely appealing.

That's why SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition is such a fantastic rush. If only there are a bit more meat on its bones, this would be an essential 3DS release.


It's as simple as this: You rush through the inside of a neverending pipe, dodging around obstacles for as long as possible. Your final distance is your score, much like in the popular endless-runner genre.

Along the way there are power-ups that allow you to take a hit or two before dying, or clear the screen of obstacles. The farther you go through the pipe, the faster and more dangerous the action becomes. ...
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SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition is a great concept, and it plays remarkably well. But you'll have seen everything it has to offer within 15 minutes of play
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 8
Value: 4
Innovation: 8
Overall: 6
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