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Farm, fight, and fall in love with Rune Factory 4, coming to the US this summer
by Matthew Diener 31/1/2013
Product: Rune Factory 4
Developer: Neverland Co.
Publisher: Xseed Games
Format: 3DS
Genre: RPG, Simulation
Did you ever wish that Animal Crossing featured random encounters, or that maybe Cecil and Kain should stop adventuring midway through Final Fantasy IV and open a kebab stand?

If so, the upcoming Rune Factory 4 will appeal to both your RPG and simulation sensibilities.

Announced for a North American release on Thursday by XSEED, this hybrid title allows players to fall in love, start a family, and - if so inclined - take them along on their monster hunting.

The craft of love

Rune Factory 4 also features a robust series of crafting, cooking, and farming quests that keep you out of the combat if dungeon crawling with your darling daughter doesn't sound appealing,

To add further diversity, players can also select the gender of their main character and play as either a protagonist prince or princess.

Similar to Persona 3 Portable, this alters the pool of dating prospects available to your character but it also provides a good bit of replay value to those interested in experiencing everything that the game has to offer.

XSEED hasn't provided a firm launch date for Rune Factory 4 past "Summer 2013", but we'll keep you updated when a firm date - or news of a European release - appears.

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