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Rayman Origins

For: 3DS   Also on: iPad, PS Vita

Origin sin

Product: Rayman Origins | Publisher: Ubisoft | Format: 3DS | Genre: Platform | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Rayman Origins 3DS, thumbnail 1
I now own four different versions of Rayman Origins. One for Vita, one for PlayStation 3, one for Wii, and now another one for 3DS.

I can confidently say that this handheld rendition is absolutely the very worst port of the game, and though it never does enough to completely scupper the quality of the core experience it's very tough to recommend if you have access to another platform to play it.

Between SMB and SMB

A 2D platformer starring the one-time Ubisoft mascot from series creator Michel Ancel, Rayman Origins provides world after world of tightly designed hop, skip, and jumping. Each area presents a different theme, such as South American cuisine, enchanted glades, and a tropical port.

Pressing B jumps, Y attacks, R shoulder toggles sprint, and the Circle Pad lets you move. Control is just as good as on any other system - the mosquito-riding shmup sequences and underwater sections even feel a little better here than on Vita, such is the finesse of the Circle Pad.

Gameplay is often tough but surmountable, representing a satisfying middle ground between New Super Mario Bros. and Super Meat Boy that requires dedication and dexterity, though you can muddle through most areas within a few lives.

Everything still works on a mechanical level. Gliding on air currents, wall-jumping up towers, bouncing across multiple enemies to reach hidden areas, rescuing Electoons, and unlocking one-mistake-and-you're-dead Tricky Treasure challenges are all just as engaging as the action on any other device.

Metal Gear?

Where the product falters is in its presentation. The small screen size afforded by the 3DS means that you miss little details of the design and animation.

Gorgeous character art is all well and good, but if you can't physically see most of it, it's wasted. Animations between key frames have been left out - for example, when you destroy a Tricky Treasure, it goes from a state of being closed to being open without you actually seeing it do so.

The soundtrack – perhaps one of the best scores of the last decade – sounds lo-fi, either blaring out the machine's speakers or through headphones. There are audio bugs aplenty, too, with the accompanying music getting caught in loops, loading up at incorrect times, or failing to activate entirely.

There's no multiplayer, though there are achievements to unlock, which adds length to an already substantial experience. And you absolutely would want Rayman Origins to go on longer if the presentation wasn't so shockingly weak as to be detrimental to the title.

Rayman Origins on 3DS plays like the real deal, but it looks and sounds like an early tech demo.

As with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D a few months back, if you have no other systems with a version of the game available – portable or home console – then, yes, pick it up, because you'll get an idea of what everyone's been raving about. If not, don't bother with this utterly lacklustre port.
Rayman Origins
Reviewer photo
Peter Willington | 11 June 2012
There's a great game struggling to escape the apparent confines of the 3DS here, but weak visuals and terrible sound make it a purchase only for those that can't play it any other way
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Aug 2011
Post count:
Aces High | 01:06 - 19 June 2012
I'm with Axe99 on this one! Yes, it's prudent to consider (and in most cases, even compare against) other format editions when reviewing multi-format titles, but Origins' final score should be based upon a standalone basis. How can handheld software be judged against far more powerful hardware, in such a black and white manner? And don't even get me started on the disparity between screen sizes/quality!

Based upon this very review, save for graphical clarity and one or two audio issues, the remaining core elements of the game (gameplay, controls, single-player content, fun-factor, etc) between this and, say the Wii or 360 edition, are near-as-damn-it identical. With all this borne in mind, how can PG score them so very differently?

It's not often that I so strongly disagree with Pocket Gamer that I'm moved to comment on it, but I feel that they've really dropped the ball on this one. Nintendo Gamer (80%) and Official Nintendo Magazine (70%) were far more accurate/fair in my humble opinion.

Now I know of course that final review scores do not maketh a game, but in this case, I feel that such a misleading review score will discourage many 3DS owners from experiencing what is at the end of the day, a hugely enjoyable old-skool platformer. And I'm sure you'll agree, that's a real shame.
Feb 2012
Post count:
Axe99 | 22:54 - 15 June 2012
@ aros - but the game should be reviewed on its merits as a 3DS game, and not how it compares to a HD console! That's like marking The Witcher 2 down on 360 because it can't match up to its performance on a high-end PC (which the vast majority of review sites did not).
Jul 2011
Post count:
aros | 11:52 - 15 June 2012
Very fair review. Demo was very poor compared to 360 version.
Feb 2012
Post count:
Axe99 | 22:55 - 14 June 2012
@ Aces High - if you don't have a PSP, then the Vita's line-up is huge, and includes four GTAs ;). If you do, and have played all of those, then if none of the current crop of content appeal to you then you should definitely wait out.
Aug 2011
Post count:
Aces High | 20:01 - 13 June 2012
I grabbed Rayman Origins today and I'm loving it so far. Thought the demo was pretty cool too.

I know, I know, it's an inferior port, but I don't have a home console -- strictly handheld gaming for me -- and I certainly won't even consider a Vita until its game lineup is SIGNIFICANTLY more robust. I'm thinking Limbo, Patapon, GTA, and some kind of Portal, erm port would be a great place to start.
Feb 2012
Post count:
Axe99 | 00:14 - 13 June 2012
What Blade said - seems a bit rough marking down a 3DS game because it doesn't look as flash as something on Vita, PS3 or 360! This is a 3DS game, and should be rated against the 3DS catalogue (by all means, recommend playing it on other platforms if available, but if it's a good 3DS game, which it may well be, then rate it as a good 3DS game :)).

I mean, if this was the case, then I hope you're severely marking down many of the mobile games reviewed (for example, if it was compared to its PC cousin, Anomaly: Warzone Earth on iOS would be an 8/10 at best, instead of its rightful 10 _for an iOS game_).
Apr 2011
Post count:
Blade27 | 16:16 - 12 June 2012
@Paulthewall - It's only been delayed in the US till November. It's available now in Europe!
Apr 2011
Post count:
Blade27 | 16:12 - 12 June 2012
Picked this up on Sat and so far I've been nothing but impressed! I haven't played it on any of the home consoles so I've got nothing to compare it to but I still think the graphics look great on the 3DS. In fact I'd go as far as to say that, after Resident Evil Revelations, it's the best looking game I've played on the 3DS!

From what I've played so far I think you're being very harsh with the 6/10 score. Even if the visuals are sub-par compared to the home consoles (and, to be honest, what do you expect from a portable console?), the controls are spot on, it's a hell of a lot of fun and I'd give it a solid 8/10 so far. I'm really enjoying it :)
Jun 2012
Post count:
paulthewall | 16:03 - 12 June 2012
I guess this is now a useless review since the game was delayed again until November. I really wanted to play it too.
Apr 2012
Post count:
jn2002dk | 21:31 - 11 June 2012
Glad i got it on Vita then though it should have been on PC from the start

Fantastic game at any rate
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