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E3 2013: Nintendo reveals release date, new features, and a Fairy type for Pokemon X and Y
by Mark Brown 11/6/2013
Product: Pokemon X / Pokemon Y
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo
Format: 3DS
Genre: Adventure, RPG
During Nintendo's E3 broadcast, the firm confirmed a release date for the upcoming monster-hunting RPG Pokemon X and Y.

Ninty and Game Freak will launch this 3DS title worldwide on October 12th.

The Big N also confirmed that Pokemon X and Y will feature an all-new Pokemon type: Fairy.

Fairy type critters include Jigglypuff, Gardevior, Sylveon, and Marill. And, yep, they'll be super-effective against Dragon type beasties.

Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y will also feature something called "Pokemon-Amie", which is a Tamagotchi-esque mini-game where you can play with, feed, and pet your Pokemon.

This will enable you to deepen your connection with your team of pocket-sized killers.

Plus, the game's eShop holding page reveals that the game will feature StreetPass and SpotPass functionality. Thanks to Serebii for that one.
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