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Pokemon Sun and Moon walkthrough - island challenge, Totem Pokemon, and Kahunas

Wanna be the very best?
Product: Pokemon Sun/Pokemon Moon | Publisher: The Pokemon Company | Format: 3DS
Pokemon Sun and Moon make a big change from the previous games. Gyms are out, and the Island Challenge Trials are in.

But while they might work a little differently, one thing is fixed: each trial focuses on a different elemental type - be it fire, water, electric, or rock.

Knowing what trial is ahead is important, as it means you can catch and train a strong Pokemon who will be effective against the Totem Pokemon or Kahuna you're due to face.

Read on for some tips for smashing each of the trials in the island challenge.

Melemele Island

Trial 1 - Normal (Ilima)


Captain Ilima's trial focuses on normal type critters, with a showdown against the normal type Gumshoos (in Sun) or Raticate (in Moon).

You don't have to worry about any of your monsters being trounced by a normal type: it's not effective against anything. You, on the other hand, would do well to use a fighting critter as they are super effective against normal.

Luckily for you, you can catch the fighting type Makuhita in the grass outside of Verdant Cavern, where this trial takes place. Catch one before heading in.

Kahuna - Fighting (Hala)


The Island Kahuna of Melemele, Hala, is a fan of fighting Pokemon and has two brawling monsters on his team: Mankey and Crabrawler.

Fighting moves are super effective against normal, ice, rock, dark, and steel Pokemon. So don't bring one of those into the fight against Hala.

Instead, try to get a flying, psychic, or fairy Pokemon.

For flying, you can get Pikpik on Route 1 and Wingull all over Melemele Island. Drowzee is a strong psychic Pokemon who can be found near Hau'oli Cemetery (just north of Hau'oli City).

Or maybe even try finding the flying and psychic Oricorio on Route 3.

Akala Island

Trial 1 - Water (Lana)


You might not even realise that this trial is happening. It starts like it's just any other part of the story and then, wham, you're in the trial and fighting Totem Wishiwashi.

This is a water Pokemon so leave your fire, ground, and rock monsters on the bench. Instead, bring either an electric or a grass Pokemon in to fight.

You might be able to find the grass type Bounsweet in the Lush Jungle in the area near where you meet Lana. Or, back on Melemele Island, the electric mouse Pikachu can be found on Route 1 and in the gardens of Hau'oli City.

And, of course, the trial will be easy if you picked Rowlet as your starter.

Trial 2 - Fire (Kiawe)


Up in the volcanos of Akala Island, you'll find Totem Salazzle. This is a fire and poison hybrid, which will make life a little tougher.

Its fire moves will wipe out any grass, ice, bug, or steel critters. And its position attacks will be super effective against grass and fairy Pokemon.

With that in mind, we need a strong team of ground, psychic, rock, and water Pokemon.

Cover Ground with Mudbray, found in the grazing fields of Akala's Paniola Town. Psychic with Drowzee from Hau'oli Cemetery on Melemele Island. And water critters are easy to come if you have the fishing rod. Just head for water and dunk your rod.

Trial 3 - Grass (Mallow)


Mallow meets you in the forest, and asks you to find four items - a Small Mushroom, a Mago Berry, a Revival Herb, and a Miracle Seed - for her stew. Get them all (using Stoutland) and bring them to Mallow to attract the Totem Pokemon for this challenge - Lurantis.

This is a grass type, which means it will wreck your water, ground, and rock Pokemon. You can fight back, though, with fire, ice, poison, flying, or bug! So many options.

Hopefully you caught a fire Pokemon, like Magmar or Salandit from Akala's volcano region. Zubat, who can be found all around Melemele and Akala, is a good shout too as a poison and flying hybrid.

You can also find Caterpie, a bug type, on Route 5. Work on turning it into a Butterfree, if you have the patience.

Kahuna - Rock (Olivia)


The Kahuna for Akala Island is Olivia, and she has three rock Pokemon: Nosepass (Level 26), Lycanroc (Level 27), and Blodore (Level 26).

Rock type critters will hurt your fire, ice, flying, and bug monsters. Luckily, there's a bunch of attack types that will be effective: water, grass, fighting, ground, and steel.

If you picked Rowlet or Popplio, then you'll have an easy time. For us Litten fans, look for fighting critter Makuhita on Melemele Island, catch a water Pokemon with the fishing rod, or get a ground type Mudbray from Akala's Paniola Town.

Ula'ula Island

To be continued...

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 18 November 2016
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