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Get all the news from the March 2018 Nintendo Direct in our live blog

Here we go!

Product: Nintendo Switch | Manufacturer: Nintendo
It's only been a couple of months since the last Nintendo Direct Mini, and already we're getting another half hour of new info coming at us from the house of Mario.

There's a full-sized Nintendo Direct planned for 10pm GMT today, and we'll be on hand to live blog everything as it pops up, right here in this very article.

We've already been promised more info on the exciting looking Mario Tennis Aces, and there's rumours that Fire Emblem Switch will be shown off alongside new DLC for Super Mario Odyssey.

Catch up on everything you may have missed in the last Nintendo Direct Mini before the big show!

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22:34 pm And that's it! Gosh, that was a lot to take in. I'm gonna go have a lie down now. Thanks for joining us!

22:32 pm Last announcement - it's more Splatoon! But wait... IT'S ACTUALLY SMASH BROS!!! Inklings in Smash! Mario is here! All the Nintendo characters! Oh my God I'm so happy. It's coming sometime this year.

22:30 pm But wait, there's an expansion pack! It's called the Octo Expansion, and it's a paid DLC. Huge new campaign in a new subway environment, and you can unlock Octolings for multiplayer use. That's coming sometime in summer, costing around $20. You can pre-order once the Direct is over, and purchasing it now will get you new content for now.

22:28 pm HUGE update coming for Splatoon 2 in version 3.0. Over 100 new gear items, a bunch of new stages, and "Rank X" for the hardcore fans. And Callie is back! This is all due in late April.

22:27 pm ARMS 'aint dead - there's going to be a US & Canada tournament. There's another Testpunch coming March 31st, and it'll run for three days, if you've yet to try it out.

22:26 pm Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition is coming May 18th. It was pretty good on Wii U, so should be worth a punt on Switch too.

22:25 pm Oh hey, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is making the leap too. Not the most natural fit for Nintendo's family-friendly image, but hey, people love it. It's coming April 24th.

22:24 pm Little Nightmares is also making the jump, with all the DLC included. It's a creepy horror puzzler, except you can get a Pac-Man head if you have his Amiibo. It's launching May 18th.

22:23 pm The rumours were true, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is coming to Switch as well. That's the first three Crash Bandicoot games in one. It's coming out July 10th

22:22 pm Undertale is making the leap to Switch! That game is awesome if you've yet to play it. No release date yet!

22:21 pm OH MY GOD CAPTAIN TOAD IS BACK. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is being ported to Switch - there's a bunch of levels inspired by Super Mario Odyssey coming with it. And there's a 3DS version coming too. They're both out July 13th.

22:20 pm Still going on Mario Tennis Aces. Different special kinds of shots, and you can K.O. your opponent by smashing their racket to pieces. Or you can just play simple rules for a "purer" game.

Oh, and there's motion controls if that's your thing, and they're locked off to their own Wii Sports Tennis-esque. It's coming out June 22nd, and there'll be a pre-launch online tournament to test the servers.

22:15 pm Phew, OK, a nice break to focus on Mario Tennis Aces. There's a bunch of different shots you can use, including the Zone Shot which stops time and gives you a first-person view to pinpoint where you want your shot to go.

22:14 pm Some new Dark Souls info. There's going to be a network test, and there's an amiibo that lets you Praise the Sun whenever you want. It's out May 25th.

22:12 pm It's the new No More Heroes, Travis Strikes Again! And it's, um, nothing like the old ones. Looks more like a collection of mini-games, but with Suda51's usual madness. That's coming in 2018.

22:09 pm Finally, some news about Project Octopath! Heroes can change jobs now, and it finally has a release date! It's coming out June 13th, apparently.

22:08 pm This one had been leaked already, but Sushi Strike: Way of Sushido is coming to the Switch. There's a cute fake Pokemon friend, and you can play online. June 8th for that one.

22:07 pm Okami HD is coming to Switch!! You can use the touchscreen to paint abilities, or use the motion controls if you're playing on TV. It's out this summer.

22:06 pm Ok, onto the Switch. First up is Kirby Star Allies, and they're showing off new "dream" characters you can partner with - including King Dedede. There's more joining the crew from March 26th onwards. Full game's out March 16th.

22:05 pm WHAAAAAT. Luigi's Mansion?? Sign me the heck up, that game was awesome. Don't listen to the haters. It's got Boss Rush this time, and is coming eventually in 2018.

22:04 pm Aw yiss, it's Pikachu Noire. I mean Detective Pikachu. Pre-purchase is available now, and it launches March 23rd alongside a massive amiibo of the titular character.

22:03 pm Oh hey, Bowser's Inside Story is getting a 3DS re-release. Looks to be fully 3D this time, and there's a new story with Bowser Jr's Story. Comes out in 2019.

22:02 pm Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers looks uh, kinda weird. You can make an animal version of your own Mii and team up with your friends. And there's a demo coming May 10th.

22:01 pm Kicking off with Nintendo 3DS and oh damn, it's a new WarioWare! WarioWare Gold is 300 games with classic micro games and a bunch of new ones. Coming August 3rd!

21:58 pm Hey folks! Ric here, ready to start watching the Nintendo Direct when it starts up.

Reviewer photo
Ric Cowley 8 March 2018
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