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Nintendo confirms 3DS eShop arrival on 6th June

Store plus internet browser to coincide with E3 conference

Product: Nintendo 3DS | Manufacturer: Nintendo
Nintendo 3DS 3DS, thumbnail 1
Nintendo has officially confirmed the date of the much-anticipated 3DS system update that heralds the arrival of the eShop, an online store allowing users to browse and purchase downloadable games.

The free update will be available in North America on the evening of June 6th, and in Japan on June 7th.

An internet browser will also be part of the update, which coincides with the date of the format holder's E3 conference. 

So far, Nintendo hasn't announced when the update might be available in Europe, but it's reasonable to assume that a near-simultaneous launch in those two territories will likely mean a similar release time for PAL gamers.

Opening the virtual store doors

After a solid launch line-up, the 3DS has been a little light on new releases lately, with many users anticipating the imminent arrival of the eShop, set to feature both new downloadable titles and a series of classic games via the Virtual Console service, which has been popular on the Wii.

At an investor meeting recently, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that a 3D version of NES classic Excitebike would be available to download at launch. Meanwhile, Shigeru Miyamoto recently hinted at a 3D update of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

[UPDATE: we've since learned that the eShop will be available to download in Europe on June 7th.]

Reviewer photo
Chris Schilling 12 May 2011
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May 2011
Post count:
sifity | 10:04 - 12 May 2011
What happened to Japans HONOR which they so highly claim to covet. Certainly there can be no honor in GREED or Lying or at best case scenario Procrastination. I'm referring to often promising something and delaying the results time and again.. cough cough DSiware cough cough 3Dsware... or the new built in black screen of death in so many 3ds models or the broken hinges in the DS lite models... should I continue? Honor, integrity? those are empty words these days, meaning nothing at all.
May 2011
Post count:
sifity | 09:52 - 12 May 2011
I see they failed to stop the spam with thier great idea and increased complicated comment sign in procedure. (see spam above for proof)
moderation expected here)

Also, again Nintendo gives false hope... that update was due in MAY in the US not June. Bad enough thier opening games offering was lame at best. Their investors are in for another rough quarter. When will Nintendo learn top NOT release something, ANYTHING before it's time. Or is that just G-R-E-E-D? YOu Decide. This is the very last console I buy from then, I really mean it too. Unless thier next one plays (live) real true life Globel thermal Nuclear War, I don't even want to hear about it.
May 2011
Post count:
sifity | 08:41 - 12 May 2011
I thoght they fixed this spam probem? NO I guess they FAILED.