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3DS system update introduces StreetPass Relay through wi-fi Nintendo Zones
by Matthew Diener 6/8/2013
Product: Nintendo 3DS
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Format: 3DS
The much-anticipated StreetPass Relay update for the 3DS is now available in North America and Europe.

Back in July, Nintendo mentioned that it would roll out a network of 3DS StreetPass Relay points across North America and Europe where StreetPassing with other 3DS owners is less common than it is in Japan.

System update 6.2.0-12 introduced StreetPass Relay compatibility with the 3DS system, thus allowing users to StreetPass with people they've never actually walked past.

It's you and Mii, kid

The StreetPass Relay works by having fixed wi-fi points (relays) automatically store a user's StreetPass data when they wander by.

When the next 3DS-totting person approaches the StreetPass Relay, they'll download the previous person's StreetPass data and replace it with their own.

The cycle continues indefinitely, giving users in the west a better chance at picking up puzzle pieces or game-specific StreetPass data.

In the United States, these Relays are available at Nintendo Zone hotspots which can be found at Best Buy, Simon Malls, and AT&T wi-fi hotspots - namely, those in Starbucks, McDonalds, or Barnes & Noble locations.
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