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Nintendo Newsplosion: New Mario and Donkey Kong games for 3DS, new eShop titles, Fire Emblem EU release date
by Mark Brown 14/2/2013
Product: Nintendo 3DS
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Format: 3DS
In his latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata dubbed 2013 "The Year of Luigi".

But, judging by the sheer number of hot new games that will hit the 3DS in the spring and summer, 2013 should be more accurately described as "The Year We All Remember the 3DS Exists".

Year of Luigi

First things first. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the latest entry in the handheld RPG series, which began with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga on the GBA.

Mario and Luigi

This time, Mario and his bro will go all Inception on us, and conduct their stat-swapping adventure inside Luigi's dreams. On the bottom screen, you'll be able to fiddle with Luigi's face as he snoozes to affect his dream world. That one's out in the summer.

You'll also be able to tee off this summer with a new Mario golf game from Camelot. This one's called Mario Golf: World Tour. You'll be able to play as classic Mario characters like Luigi and Wario.

Retail 3DS games

The Platinum Award-winning Fire Emblem Awakening is finally heading to Europe on April 19th. There will also be a Limited Edition Bundle Pack available with a blue 3DS XL and pre-installed copy of the game inside.

Fire Emblem Awakening
The much-anticipated Animal Crossing: New Leaf will hit Europe on June 14th and the US on June 9th. That's good news.

There's a new Pokemon roguelike coming out, too. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity has 20 dungeons, a new city-building component, and four-player co-op. It will be released in Europe on May 17th.

Donkey Country Returns is a 3D remake of the criminally underplayed Wii game from Retro Studios. There will be a 3D video of the game on the eShop later today. Apparently, it will be eye-poppingly good. Look forward to that.

Donkey Kong Country Returns
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan will arrive in Europe this spring, and Project X Zone - the game with characters from Namco and Capcom games like Tekken and Devil May Cry - will be available this summer.

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins is a prequel to the upcoming Wii U game Lego City Undercover. It's out on April 21st in the US. No mention of this one in the European promo video.

Barmy anime-flavoured football games Inazuma 11 3 Spark & Bomber were DS titles in Japan, but they will be released as 3DS titles in the summer in Europe.

eShop goodies

On the eShop, there's Splash or Crash (or Kersploosh, if you're in the US), where you throw a stone down a well and guide it safely to the water at the bottom. Looks fun. It's out on February 28th in Europe and on March 7th in the US.

Splash or Crash

And Code of Princess - an action-RPG that looks like a side-scrolling brawler and has online co-op - will be available on the European eShop this spring.

Harmoknight is a rhythm-action game from Pokemon creator Game Freak, and it will be on the US eShop shelves on March 28th. A demo will be available on March 14th.

Dylan's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger is rolling into a US town near you soon, too. This sequel's out on April 11th. No mention of this in the UK Ninty broadcast.

And Mario & Donkey Kong (subtitled Minis on the Move in the US) is a puzzle game featuring tiny wind-up versions of Mario, Peach, Toad, and more. It's got a level editor, and it'll hit the eShop in Q2 2013 in Europe.

Bits and bobs

What else?

Ah, yes, European gamers will be able to pick up a Nintendo 3DS bundle for Monster Hero 3 Ultimate when it's launched on March 22nd. This package contains a Black 3DS XL and the game.

Plus, the Circle Pad Pro - that hefty peripheral with the second analogue stick - will be released for the XL in Europe on March 22nd.

And... finally! Black and White 3DS XLs are heading to Europe soon. Hooray for us.

Phew. I think that's everything. If you want to see the full Nintendo Direct broadcast for yourself, you can watch the European show below.

And the US version is below.

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