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Pink and white 3DS XL available again in North America
by Matthew Diener 12/2/2013
Product: Nintendo 3DS XL
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Format: 3DS
Nintendo took to the official 3DS Facebook page to announce that the pink and white 3DS XL will be available at retailers across the United States once again.

The Miami Vice-coloured handheld made its US debut in November through an exclusive partnership with online retailer Gilt, but was given a limited quantity run by Nintendo just in time for the holidays.

Demand for the pink 3DS XL soon caught up to its limited supplies, and the stock didn't last long into 2013.

Think pink

Nintendo didn't reveal much about the pink 3DS XL outside of the fact that it would "become available this week at stores coast to coast". There was no indication as to whether it would be a limited run or if it would be added to the permanent 3DS XL colour options

Nintendo's official 3DS page has no details on the pink and white XL, but Gamestop lists a price of $199.99 for the unit.
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