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UK retailers pricing 3DS XL between £180 and £210
by Will Wilson 22/6/2012
Product: Nintendo 3DS XL
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Format: 3DS
Although Nintendo only seemed keen to share the US price of the 3DS XL during its announcement earlier, that hasn't stopped the infamously ultra-competitive UK retailers from shooting out of the gates to price the new device.

Cheapest of the bunch that we've seen so far is everyone's favourite ex-VAT-dodging enterprise Play.com, which has priced the 3DS XL for £179.99, with ShopTo.net following up close behind at £199.99, and Zavvi at the back of the pack at £209.95.

Hilariously, both Zavvi and ShopTo appear to be pulling the RRP out of thin air, so while ShopTo claims its price saves you around £20, Zavvi's more expensive listing magically saves you £40.

One thing to note about all these pre-order offers is that none include an AC adapter. That's not the retailers' fault - Nintendo just isn't putting one in the 3DS XL's box.

Currently, the standard 3DS (with power adaptor) retails for around £120, though this, naturally, depends on where you look. Are the bigger screens and slightly better battery life (if you find a charger) on the 3DS XL worth the extra £50+, readers? Lets us know in the comments below.
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