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Upcoming New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl is a remake of first Etrian Odyssey, due out in Japan this June
by Matthew Diener 27/3/2013
Product: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl
Publisher: Atlus
Format: 3DS
Genre: RPG
While we've only just gotten our hands on Etrian Odyssey IV a few weeks ago, a new installment of the first-person dungeon crawling franchise is due out in a couple of months.

Siliconera reports that the upcoming title New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl will be released for the 3DS in Japan on June 27.

If this seems like a short time between games, remember that Etrian Odyssey IV came out in Japan in July 2012, so they've had some time to work on the new installment.

Also, it's since shaken out that New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl is a reboot of the original Etrian Odyssey, so there's a bit less for Atlus to cook up for this new adventure.

Back to the beginning

Yet this isn't to suggest that New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl will be a simple rehash of the first Etrian Odyssey with a fresh coat of 3D paint.

Early reports suggest that Atlus will update the famously light-on-story first installment and will present players with multiple fixed characters that will help drive the story along, similar to the changes seen in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy III.

We're not sure when, or if, this game will make the odyssey to the west, but we'll keep you updated if we should learn of a US or European release date.
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