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Nano Assault EX
Anything but a nano adventure
by Vaughn Highfield 13/3/2013
Product: Nano Assault EX
Developer: Shin'en Multimedia
Format: 3DS
Genre: Action, Shooter
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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The twin-stick shooter has become a rather lucrative genre in the downloadable game space.

Few games have managed to match the mastery of Geometry Wars or the beauty of Super Stardust Delta. But when Shin'en Multimedia released Nano Assault Neo on the Wii U it looked like there could well be another torchbearer.

Naturally, when Nano Assault EX turned up on the 3DS it seemed that this would be a pocket-sized slice of the same virus-themed brilliance. ...
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Despite its shortcomings with the lack of a second stick, Nano Assault EX is an incredibly pleasant surprise, as it melds the nail-biting appeal of an action shooter title with the delights of exploring a beautifully realised cellular world
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 8
Value: 6
Innovation: 7
Overall: 8
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