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Mario Tennis Open includes classic Super Mario Bros. mini-game

Thwack coin blocks and Goombas with your balls

Product: Mario Tennis Open | Developer: Camelot | Publisher: Nintendo | Genre: Sports | Networking: wireless (network), sharing one cartridge
For: 3DS
Mario Tennis Open 3DS, thumbnail 1
There are a number of Mario-related reasons to be excited about the rest of the 3DS's 2012 release window, with New Super Mario Bros. 2 announced at the weekend and a release date for Mario Tennis Open now firmly in place.

With Mario's tennis game due to be released on May 25th in Europe, Nintendo has opened an official Japanese website for the game, and in turn has divulged more details about the various modes we can expect.

There'll be the classic Tournament mode, which features singles and doubles action spanning eight cups. In addition, you have Free Competition, which is essentially a sandbox mode that allows you to specify your opponent, court, and set count.

Reason to cause a racquet

The most exciting mode, however, is "Special Game": a selection of mini-games that appear to be anything but mini.

Super Mario Tennis shows a classic game of Super Mario Bros., where players hit the ball back and forth through the game, hitting coin blocks and enemies with the tennis ball to score points.

Galaxy Shot, no doubt inspired by Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, sees you hitting the ball across the net to avoid black holes. The classic mode Ring Shot returns, meanwhile, which invites you to hit the ball through gold hoops.

As you'd expect, you can use your Mii character to play if you prefer, with tons of unlockable racquets, clothes, and more available - over 200 unlockable items, in fact. Wowza.

Throw in both local and internet play, and quite frankly, we cannot wait. Mario Tennis Open is bouncing onto 3DS next month - watch out for our review soon.


Reviewer photo
Mike Rose 23 April 2012
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Apr 2012
Post count:
jn2002dk | 13:27 - 24 April 2012

Yea you're right, it was actually just called Tennis but it's the same control style and gameplay as in the later Mario Tennis so turns out you were technically right:)
Jun 2011
Post count:
Cody | 13:16 - 24 April 2012

Sorry, I guess I actually meant the Game Boy Color version. It definitely had a story mode, from what I can tell, the GBA version is basically just a better looking version of the GBC one.

To be honest, I didn't even think there was a Mario Tennis just for Gameboy. Are you sure you don't mean just 'Tennis'? That's all I could find with a couple quick googles.
Apr 2012
Post count:
jn2002dk | 11:56 - 24 April 2012

Not sure but i think it was the GBA version that had a story

The GB one was just jump in and play on 1 of 4 difficulty levels
Still plays great though which is what's most important for me and i'm sure they will get the controls right
Jun 2011
Post count:
Cody | 03:28 - 24 April 2012
I'm a little confused, to be honest. Does the Tournament mode actually have a story, like the GB game did? Or is it just a series of matches back to back, similar to the way Mario Kart works? Another article I've read made me think it was the latter, and if that's true, I probably won't buy the game for a while, but if it's the former...just take my money, dammit.
Aug 2011
Post count:
JimmyPiranha | 17:17 - 23 April 2012
Do I want this or not? Awwww god I can't decide.
Apr 2012
Post count:
jn2002dk | 12:35 - 23 April 2012
Just releeeeeeaaaaase it already

I'm still playing the GB one on my 3DS, best tennis game ever!