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The big Pocket Gamer accessory guide 2017
3DS accessories: Nintendo's ageing handheld needs a bit of TLC
Product: Hardware Group Test | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: 3DS
Updated 29th July: New 3DS accessories added.

The Nintendo 3DS is now a mature, rich platform with an enviable library of games. As such, it shouldn't be too hard figuring out what to buy the 3DS owners in your life.

Games aside, though, there's also a booming trade in 3DS accessories to think about. Many of these provide simple protection or cosmetic enhancements, but many also add whole new functionality to the handheld.

So, whether you're personalising your New Nintendo 3DS with a new faceplate, scouting for a cool case to lug it around in, or simply on the look-out for a charger, here are some top 3DS accessories.

Question Block 3DS Game Card Case

Carry up to 10 Nintendo 3DS game cards in a box that looks like the question block from the Mario games. It pops open with the push of a button. You've clicked the 'buy' link already, haven't you?

Suggested price: £13
Buy from Nintendo

Venom Charge Cradle Extension

Got an original Nintendo 3DS console? Then it's worth considering this little gadget, which provides a charging dock for your console as well as a hot-swappable (and larger) extra battery.

Suggested price: £6
Buy from Amazon

BestFire Power Grip for New 3DS XL

The New Nintendo 3DS XL is a bit of a beast, offering a nice large display area. That makes it ideally suited for extended play - if only it were a little more comfortable to hold. The BestFire Power Grip makes the handheld much more ergonomically pleasing, including shifting the ZL and ZR shoulder buttons to a more conventional position.

Suggested price: £13.55
Buy from Amazon

Datel Action Replay Power Saves

A bit of a blast from the past, this. Action Replay 'cheat' cartridges used to be massive in the '90s, and the spirit of cracking games open with a virtual skeleton key is alive and well on 3DS.

Suggested price: £13.65
Buy from Amazon

Nintendo Power Adapter

It still slightly befuddles us that the latest 3DS models don't come with a power charger. Crazy! Fortunately, you can pick up an official Nintendo unit for not a lot of money if you shop around.

Suggested price: £9.32
Buy from Amazon

DelTex USB Power Charger Cable

Of course, you don't have to buy Nintendo's official charger. In fact, all you really need is this cable (or some other cheap third party variant) and the plug bit of your smartphone charger.

Suggested price: £3
Buy from Amazon

New Nintendo 3DS Charging Cradle

Sorry to harp on about this charging malarkey, but the truth is that it's the main thing you'll be doing with your 3DS other than playing it. This charging cradle takes a lot of the fiddle out of the process, letting you simply sit the device in a stand when you need some juice.

Suggested price: £10
Buy from Amazon

The Legend of Zelda: Adventurer's Pouch Kit

We don't really care if this is the best or most practical 3DS case on the market (it's not). The Zelda Pouch Kit makes you want to hook it to your belt and scamper off for an adventure in the woods. It also features two Zelda-themed styluses, a Hyrule map and a cleaning cloth.

Suggested price: £15
Buy from Amazon

NFC amiibo Reader/Writer

If you're still rocking one of the old 3DS models or a 2DS, then you won't have the ability to scan in Nintendo's cool amiibo figures for bonus features in certain games. Don't worry though - just buy this little gadget, which acts as a wireless intermediary between amiibo and handheld.

Suggested price: £20
Buy from Amazon

Cover Plates for New 3DS

If you do have a New 3DS, you've got yourself the most customisable system on the market. You can buy Cover Plates that snap onto the top and bottom halves, instantly giving your handheld a new look.

Suggested price: £5.49
Buy from Amazon

Circle Pad Pro

Like the NFC reader, the Circle Pad Pro adds a new function to older 3DS models. In this case it's a secondary analogue nubbin and extra buttons, the former of which makes many games more playable - particularly third-person games with twitchy cameras.

Suggested price: £23
Buy from Amazon

Keten Case for New 3DS/New 3DS XL

If you're going on a long trip and want to keep your New 3DS, games, and charger all together and safe, this looks like a good bet. It's a hard, structured case with space for the console, eight games, a charger, and a more heavy-duty stylus.

Suggested price: £12
Buy from Amazon

Hori Retro Zelda Hard Pouch for Nintendo 3DS XL

Hori makes quality stuff. In fact, you'll find this licensed product featured on the Nintendo website. You can get this hard case with a variety of designs, but we particularly love this 8-bit Link one. There's a pouch for carrying up to six games, too.

Suggested price: £18
Buy from Amazon


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Jon Mundy 18 February 2017
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