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Fire Emblem: Warriors tips and tricks - Master the strategy mechanics of FE:W!

You might be an action master, but you need to brush up on strategy...
Product: Fire Emblem: Warriors | Publisher: Nintendo | Format: 3DS, Switch
Fire Emblem: Warriors 3DS, thumbnail 1
You’ve methodically battled across grids before, but have you used Fire Emblem characters to smash through hundreds or even thousands of enemies in one long combo? I think not.

That’s why you should get stuck into Fire Emblem Warriors, the new Dynasty Warriors spin-off from Nintendo and Omega Force, and we’ve got the perfect advice for your to master those Fire Emblem mechanics.

Fire Emblem Warriors isn’t as simple as just mashing buttons, but with these Fire Emblem inspired tips, you’ll be able to return peace to Aytolis.

Divide and conquer!

You’ll have up to four characters you can take control of at any one time in Fire Emblem Warriors, and while you’re busy capturing forts and defeating commanders, you should ensure your forces aren’t wasting their time.

You can use the map on the pause screen to order your team around the battle field, having them protect forts or attack certain enemies.

Using this you can essentially double the amount of ground you cover, as your team mates will do a surprisingly good job of attacking and defending anything you ask them to.

Need for speed

Running around these huge maps can be a pain if you’re on foot, but luckily, mounted and flying units are much, much faster.

A good tip for both the campaign and History mode, is to team up your strongest warrior - probably the one you picked as your main character in the beginning - and partner them with a flying or mounted unit.

You can swap between you and your partner at any time, essentially allowing you to quickly ride with haste to the next enemy or fort, and then swapping out to your highest damage dealer to finish them off quickly.

By crest of flame

You’ll need to spend time and money getting your team of warriors from a bunch of scrubs to an elite fighting force, and you can use the Camp to upgrade everything about your army.

You should focus on the Crest Shop, where you use cash and materials to upgrade a range of abilities, such as longer combos, higher damage, higher defense, and even upgrade the level of weaponry your team can use - very important.

If any members of your team fall too far behind, don’t hesitate to send them to the Training Ground, where you can pay cash in exchange for levels - not recommended for the stronger members of your team, but a good way to help the weaker ones catch up.

No I in team

Sometimes in battle you might see your team mates requiring help, or certain special time-limited sub-missions will appear that you might not be able to make it to, like Anna’s special shops.

But of course, this is when you should remember that you’re not the only warrior out there on the battle field, and you can swap to your partners at any time.

Basically, when you see a time-limited sub-mission appear on the map, you should swap to your warrior that’s closest by and run on over - why run across the entire map, when you can swap to a nearer character, deal with it, and then swap back?

Partner up

Using your friends to help win the war is obviously for the best, but their relationships with you can actually effect the outcome of battle.

This is a mechanic that’ll be familiar to Fire Emblem fans; battling alongside and partnering with characters will enhance their Bond, which will give you access to rare crafting materials for Crests, and more offensive power when they’re teamed together in battle.

On top of that, killing enemies will give your partnered character access to a bonus attack, that you can use with R+Y. This can keep combos going for long periods of time, even after special and ultimate attacks, if you play things right.


Reviewer photo
Dave Aubrey 20 October 2017
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