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Atlus USA will publish side-scrolling 3DS fighter Code of Princess in North America
by Matthew Diener 4/6/2012
Product: Code of Princess
Developer: Agatsuma Entertainment
Publisher: Atlus
Format: 3DS
Genre: Action, RPG
US-based fans of side-scrolling beat-'em ups on 3DS have something to look forward to: Code of Princess.

Siliconera reports that Atlus USA will publish Code of Princess in North America. Although there is no firm US release date attached to this anime-infused side-scroller, it's expected to drop at some point this autumn.

The Japanese version of Code of Princess, meanwhile, was published by Agatsuma Entertainment, and debuted in the region in April 2012.

Don't call her Princess

One thing about Code of Princess that warrants special mention is that the game features the artwork of former Capcom artist Kinu Nishimura.

Although her name may not be instantly recognisable, Nishimura contributed character design work for Street Fighters II-IV and Darkstalkers, among many other titles.

With its retro arcade gameplay and fast-paced action, Code of Princess stands out in today's gaming market. And while there is no word yet on a European release date for this title, we will keep you updated as and when it's announced.

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