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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker cheats and tips - Essential tips for 100% completion

Product: Captain Toad | Publisher: Nintendo | Format: 3DS, Switch
Captain Toad 3DS, thumbnail 1
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is finally available in a handheld form factor, with new versions of the game available on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Nice!

Now that you can finally bash this out on the train, we've got a bunch of tips that'll help you get adjusted to the game, and help towards getting all the gems, golden mushrooms, 8-Bit Toads and more!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a wonderful puzzle game experience and well worth the short, but fascinating journey. For everything you need to know about the game, just read on…

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch

#1 Taken for a spin

One of the most important things to do when dropping into any level in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is getting a good understanding of the level's layout.

You can move your camera in a full 360 degrees around the stage, which will show you many hidden rooms, gem locations, and more.

When going into every level make a mental note of every room and how to enter it. Even if you can't access it straight away, you probably will be able to as the level progresses.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch

#2 Dropping in

One way you might be discovering new areas is literally dropping into them. Which makes sense, seeing as Toad can't jump at all.

When it comes to ledges he can't climb, often the best option is dropping down into them instead.

There are multiple levels where dropping down onto ledges and enemies will be the best way to progress - especially in the case of enemies, since Toad can defeat them by landing on their heads, but of course, can't jump…

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch

#3 Brick break

Just as in any Mario game, there are plenty of bricks that can be broken, but without his signature jump, breaking them down will be a bit harder.

Luckily Toad can pluck and throw turnips which will break down the usual brown bricks, but big grey bricks are a more difficult story.

They require a pickaxe to bash through, which will swing wildly like the hammer from Donkey Kong. You can pluck a pickaxe from a turnip patch, but before you collect it, make sure to identify where any grey bricks are so you can head over and smash through them.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch

#4 8-bit Toad

If you want even more Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker to play in each level once you've ran through the game, never fear, the 8-bit Toad minigame is here.

On Wii U this was locked behind an amiibo, but now comes as standard. You can press ZR on the level select screen and jump into any level with a fun new game.

Here, an 8-bit Toad sprite will be hidden in the level, and you simply need to seek him out, and tap him, either on the Switch screen or using the controller gyro functions. He's hidden well in most stages, so keep an eye out!

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch

#5 "Helpful" friends

What can make a game better? Friends! What can make a game worse? Friends! So, I guess, this could really go either way.

You can play Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker all the way through with a friend by sharing a JoyCon half each. Player 1 will control the Captain, and player 2 will control the camera, and can also shoot an unlimited supply of turnip projectiles.

This is nice, as your partner can wipe out enemies in a level, but not being under the control of the camera yourself can also be a bit of a miserable experience…

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch


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Dave Aubrey 13 July 2018
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