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For: 3DS

You sank my... etc.

Product: Battleship (3DS) | Developer: Activision Blizzard | Format: 3DS | Genre: Strategy | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Battleship (3DS) 3DS, thumbnail 1
There are a few key titles missing from Nintendo on the 3DS, and one of them is an Advance Wars-style game. Never fear, though, because Activision is here to scratch that particular itch with its new Battleship movie tie-in.

I've no interest in the Liam Neeson vehicle on which this game - developed by Magic Pockets - is based, but the plot is straightforward enough. You're out on a training exercise with the world's fleets when suddenly all communications are cut off by an alien threat.

Cue some ruggedly handsome sailors talking about duty, honour, and the importance of teaming up to counter the unknown menace. Pretty soon, you're presented with some turn-based strategy scenarios, which via intermittent flashbacks give you control of multiple officers, each with its own special abilities.


Battleship's gameplay is lifted almost wholesale from the Nintendo Wars games. So, each ship has a limited range of movement and weapon effectiveness, and each vessel is particularly useful at taking out one type of opponent but is weak against another.

After you've made all your orders, your turn is over and you wait to see what your opponent will do. Each character has its own special move that can be unleashed once a certain amount of damage has been dealt or received. These special moves allow you to deploy more units, boost your stats, or remain hidden from enemies.

Magic Pocket adds further layers of strategy through the use of optional ports that can be commandeered to bolster your fleet. The careful navigation of wreckage can also add another line of defence before the alien ships can reach you.

You can enter Duels with some of the larger ships, too, which converts the game into a shooting gallery for a moment - you attempt to shoot down incoming rockets while taking out key structures on the opposing vessel. It's underdeveloped and confusing, though happily you can ignore this aspect for the most part.


Knowing how to use each tool at your disposal in the most effective way is the key to better post-game grades, which are based on how much damage you take, enemies destroyed, and bonus objectives accomplished.

It's a tough and merciless game in spots, and its difficulty ramps up rapidly. Planning several steps ahead and anticipating how your opponent will manoeuvre itself is crucial, so anyone considering picking this up for a younger player should probably think again.

Those looking to recreate the movie on the go are out of luck here, but if you're after a complex and thoughtful game of naval tactics, Battleship should be right up your galley.
Reviewer photo
Peter Willington | 14 May 2012
Fans of Advance Wars should have this extremely challenging game on their radar, for it's one they'll relish
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