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Live near Manchester? Looking to StreetPass for Animal Crossing? Mark June 29 on your calendars
by Matthew Diener 20/6/2013
Product: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Publisher: Nintendo
Format: 3DS
Genre: Casual
Networking: wireless (adhoc),wireless (network),on one device
It's no secret that 3DS owners have been enjoying the Gold Award-winning Animal Crossing: New Leaf - so much so that we've created our own virtual social club for the game.

But online social clubs only go so far, especially when you're trying to get StreetPasses with other players.

Thankfully, the fan group StreetPassManchester has thought of this and it's throwing an event on June 29 aimed at bringing Animal Crossing fans in the UK together.

Nintendolife reports that the event will be held at the Kyoto Lounge (on Grosvenor Street) and will run from 11:30am to 4:30pm.

Look for the blinking green light

When you're not StreetPassing with other Animal Crossing: New Leaf players, you'll be able to participate in a Mario Kart 7 tournament, win mysterious prizes, and find local gamers to play a bit of Kid Icarus: Uprising or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with.

While the Platinum Award-winning Fire Emblem: Awakening isn't mentioned in the official poster for the StreetPass event, we somehow doubt you'll have trouble finding players to Double Duel with.

Additionally, if you've picked up any of the four new paid StreetPass plaza games, this might be an excellent opportunity to tag up with other 3DS owners.

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