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 How to turn your photos into Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR codes
With free iPhone app QR MyDesign Assistant
Product: Animal Crossing: New Leaf | Publisher: Nintendo | Genre: Casual
Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS, thumbnail 1
In the Animal Crossing games, you've always been allowed to design your own clothes, signs, carpets, and posters.

In the 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf, however, there's even an option for those of us without any artistic talent.

With the new QR code reader, found in The Able Sisters shop, you can immediately import textures and textiles from other, more talented villagers.

The creator of iOS app QR MyDesign Assistant has borrowed this handy new feature to help you turn any photograph or image into an Animal Crossing-compatible code. Here's how to use it in a few easy steps.

Hat tip to Tiny Cartridge for finding the app.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Download the free iPhone app QR MyDesign Assistant. You can get it on the App Store here. It isn't made for the iPad, but it still works as intended on a tablet.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Choose the 'Convert' tab at the bottom of the screen, then hit the 'Pick' button in the top-right corner.

You can choose 'MyDesign' to make a floor, sign, or item of clothing. Or you can choose 'Board' to make a custom face cutout standee.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Choose a picture from your iOS photo library. Simple and clear images with not many colours work best. You can then crop the image to import just a specific part of the picture.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Here's what it will look like in the game. You can give it a name, and then hit 'to QR' to see your code.

Get the code up on the screen of your phone, and then dig out your 3DS.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Load up Animal Crossing: New Leaf, head to Main Street, and enter the Able Sisters clothes shop.

Now, to gain access to the QR code reader (a.k.a. the sewing machine), you'll need to have befriended Sable. This means talking to her every day for about a week or two (to finally coax her out of her shyness).

Once Sable becomes your pal, you'll see a big old machine in the back of the room (like in the screenshot above).

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Done that? Okay, cool. Use the machine and choose 'Read a QR Code'. You'll also need to choose a spot in your texture library to save the custom design.

Then, point the 3DS camera at your phone, and line the QR code up with the frame.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

And you're done. You'll now have your photo in your design library, and can use it wherever you want.

Here, I've stuck a photo of Mario on my town flag. Because why the bloody hell not.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 17 June 2013
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Oct 2013
Post count:
Gabriella Athena | 00:33 - 15 October 2013
Wats the name of the app please tell me and answer !!!!!!??????
Aug 2013
Post count:
@Liasis | 15:54 - 18 August 2013
This worked great for me, I used it on my iPad but as an iPhone app.
Jul 2013
Post count:
@maxlefou | 12:37 - 28 July 2013
The app now exists only in chinese and simply refuses to work on my ipad. thanks......
Jul 2013
Post count:
Emmanuel Phua | 11:16 - 12 July 2013
is there an android version of this app?
Jun 2013
Post count:
@accfsuperstar | 19:51 - 21 June 2013
Ok so what about people who don't have smart phone tablets and all that shit
Jun 2013
Post count:
Zubi Khan | 22:02 - 20 June 2013
It doesn't seem to want to work for me, I can import photos fine, but it won't let me scan any QR codes for both importing my ID or scanning in someone else's. I can get to the camera fine, but it doesn't seem to detect the QR even after I line it up within the box frame. I'm running the app on a ipad 3.