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50 Classic Games 3D

For: 3DS


Product: 50 Classic Games 3D | Publisher: Maximum Family Games | Format: 3DS | Genre: Card/ board game | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
50 Classic Games 3D 3DS, thumbnail 1
42 All-Time Classics (Clubhouse Games on the Nintendo DS) is still the card and boardgame collection to beat on a handheld system, thanks to its huge variety of games and great online features.

50 Classic Games 3D
for the Nintendo 3DS has a nice selection, and will easily whittle away a few commutes to and from work.

But with no score-saving, no multiplayer, and some questionable game choices, it barely comes close to challenging the aforementioned DS classic.

A touch of class... or not

50 Classic Games 3D offers games in four separate categories: Boardgames, card games, action games, and puzzles.

The variety is notable in places - there's a nice selection of boardgames, for example, ranging from classics like Chess and Mahjong to gambling games like Dice and Roulette. And the visuals are simple but effective, with some nice stereoscopic 3D effects too.

That's 50 Classic Games 3D in a nutshell, really: it's simple, and does exactly what it says on the tin.

But if you're looking for something more than a selection of simplistic games, you should look elsewhere.


Most games don't allow you to choose difficulty levels or how many opponents you're playing again, or to modify the core game in any way with extra rules (although, strangely, a few games do).

Scores aren't saved, either, so there's no record of what you've played, or any real reason to play again. Nor is there any multiplayer whatsoever, be it online or local.

The "action" section is comically poor, comprising a Pong game, a game about pressing buttons that light up, an awful Bust-a-Move clone, and more bilge like that.

The AI is also pretty rubbish at certain points. During a game of Air Hockey, my opponent got stuck in the corner of the arena, batting the puck back and forth against the same wall over and over.

There are also some notable card games missing from the card game section. Where's Rummy and Go Fish? There's not even Solitaire.

Our advice would be to hunt down a copy of 42 All-Time Classics instead - it may be seven years old, but it's still far better than this.
50 Classic Games 3D
Reviewer photo
Mike Rose | 12 April 2013
50 Classic Games 3D is far from a 'classic', on account of its distinct lack of high scores, multiplayer, or variety
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