THTouch poker lays its cards on the App Store table
German developer Pit Garbe has already seen significant success with his digital version of Texas hold 'em poker (enough to buy himself a Mac to further develop the game, he tells us), and has now put his talents to bringing a full release to the iPhone.

It seems Garbe's main objective is to keep the screen as clear and concise as possible, which is a worthy task when it comes to this kind of game as it's very easy to clutter the table or to leave out vital information the stony-faced card sharp might need. It also features some unique, and highly intuitive controls perfect for Apple's touchscreen handest.

A guide to playing the game has come online at THTouch's official page, but Garbe informs us that his poker adaptation plays a lot easier than the length of the instructions suggest. You can never have too much information, I guess.

The game falls sweetly within the budget price range on the App Store, but if you're still not quite convinced, here's a gameplay video.
Spanner Spencer 21/10/2008
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