E3 2018 - Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu's gameplay has us a little confused about our feelings
As I'm sure you're well aware, Nintendo's E3 Direct was absolutely packed full of exciting stuff, from releasing Fortnite to showing off Super Smash Bros in detail. However, the party continued in Treehouse Live and we got some interesting Pokemon: Let's Go footage to ponder over. 

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee is the latest Pokemon RPG coming this year to Nintendo Switch. It'll allow you to use your Joy Cons to 'throw' Pokeballs, invite a friend to join you on your journey, and you can even import Pokemon from Pokemon GO into the game. 

The Treehouse gameplay has left me with a bit of a curious feeling, however. Despite being excited about the prospect and the look of the game, I'm concerned about the depth of it overall. 

I know the whole point of Pokemon as a series is to capture Pokemon and battle Trainers, but watching the gameplay I felt it looked a little... slow. The capturing sequences remind me ultimately of Pokemon GO and don't seem to offer up much of a challenge, especially when there are two of you. 

It makes me wonder whether this is more of a practice title while the Pokemon Company puts its all into the game coming out in 2019. I'm sure it'll be fun in its own way. I'm just not feeling as giddy about it as when it was first announced. 

What do you guys think? Am I being totally crazy here or do you feel similarly? Let us know in those comments below. 
Emily Sowden 13/6/2018
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