Over a month after Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery's launch players are pulling up impressive figures
It's been a month and a bit since Hogwarts Mystery launched on iOS and Android, and while it may not have delivered the experience we wanted, players are still going crazy for it. 

If you've not yet had the chance to play it, Hogwarts Mystery is a free to play RPG in which you'll make up a character and attend Hogwarts for your own wizarding experience. You'll cast spells, go to class, and make friends and enemies, all whilst searching for your missing brother. 

Recent figures have been pretty impressive for the first spell, noting that since release:
And those are just the bits that were confirmed. No doubt there's been plenty of energy earned, friends made, Merulas knocked on their butts, (hours spent waiting for energy to replenish), and more.

Of course, despite us not feeling too favourably towards it, I still hold out hope that Jam City might make things a little more balanced in terms of energy and waiting times. But, I guess only the future will tell that one. 

Let us know in the comments if you're still playing and whether you're enjoying your Hogwarts journey as much as you thought. 
Emily Sowden 1/6/2018
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