Silver Award-winning Old Man's Journey is a fantastic touchscreen game but how will it work on Nintendo Switch?
With all of the Switch excitement happening yesterday, there's one upcoming release that we didn't get time to mention: Old Man's Journey

If you've been around at Pocket Gamer for a while you may recall Old Man's Journey after it landed on iPad last May. With a stunning art style, emotive story, and interesting game mechanic, it earned a solid Silver Award in its review. Our Reviews Editor Harry described it as "a sedate experience, dripping with love and attention. It's the sort of game that will make you feel actual feelings."

Though a date hasn't been announced yet, we know the game's getting reworked for the Switch. On iPad its primary mechanic is to manipulate the land on-screen so that the old man can pass. Ignoring the Switch's touchscreen capabilities, I'm interested to see how this feature will translate to Joy-Con or Pro Controller useage. 

According to the press release there's also a new two-player mode, motion pointer controls, support for all Switch play styles, and HD Rumble as well as touchscreen and stick input. 

Motion pointer controls could potentially make gripping and moving the environment more fluid than the usual stick/cursor method, but we'll have to wait and see how it pans out. 
Emily Sowden 12/1/2018
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