Fresh Battleheart 2 footage reveals MAJOR new character Natsuko
Battleheart 2 has been long in the making, with little news since, but developer Mika Mobile gifted us with a huge new update on the game’s progress, revealing one of the game’s major characters.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Mika Mobile will be posting a weekly hero spotlight showcasing info on one of the main characters in the game alongside a preview video. Each of these heroes has 3 unique abilities that can be customized as you make your way through the adventure.

The inaugural hero spotlight is all about Natsuko, a sword maiden raised by a wandering ronin. She’s a damage dealer through and through, using light armor to enable speedy cooldown times and flighty mobility. She’s no tank, but she will be one of your most dependable DPS characters.

Natsuko uses her Counter ability to deflect blows, before dashing in on her enemy with Blade Rush, which does some serious damage to her target and any enemy who is unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her Mortal Strike ability is a much more focused attack that does massive damage to a single opponent while applying a bleed effect that will do continued damage overtime.

Keep in mind that each of these abilities can be customized as you make your way through the game’s talent tree. Mika notes that certain upgrades for Mortal Strike allow Natsuko to kite enemies or inhibit a target’s healing abilities. There’s clearly a lot of potential for boundless creativity with all of these branching paths. We’re quite excited to get our hands on it, to be honest.

Battleheart is easily one of the most legendary, genre-defining RPGs on mobile. A game with complex strategies that genuinely respect player choice is a rare find indeed, and Battleheart 2 is expected to be a true callback to its predecessor. Battleheart 2’s expected to launch later this year. Stay tuned.
Jessica Famularo 12/1/2018
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